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How-To Care For Your Wetsuit

The purchase of a fresh wetsuit comes with a lot of exciting promises, comfort, warmth and the anticipation of many fun surf sessions ahead. Aside from your board, it’s the best investment in your surfing, so you want to make sure it lasts for as many dawn patrols, lunchtime shreds or sundowners right?

How-To Care For Your Wetsuit

Here are a few tips and tricks you can turn into habits to extend the life of your wettie.


The Rinse:

Rinse your wetsuit inside and out in freshwater. Fill your wettie bucket with water and get your hands in there and give it a good rinse, then turn it inside out and give it another go.

How-To Care For Your Wetsuit

Dry out:

Hang up your freshly rinsed wetsuit inside out to dry in the shade. Direct sunlight is not neoprene’s friend. Hang your wetsuit in half through a hanger and not from the neck. Wetsuits can be heavy when they’re full of water so hanging them by the neck and shoulders will stretch them out.

After it’s been drying for a while, turn it inside out and give the other side a chance to dry too. This step is just as important as rinsing. You want a dry wetsuit on both sides and not a half-dry funky smelling suit to put on for your next session.

How-To Care For Your Wetsuit

Don’t forget to wash:

Once in a while give your wetsuit a thorough wash with some wetsuit shampoo. This will help get the last of the stubborn saltwater and next time you suit up, you’ll feel so fresh and so clean.

How-To Care For Your Wetsuit

Take Care:

Wetsuits can be more fragile than you think so try and avoid any sharp objects (where possible) like rocks, reef and carpark/parking lot gravel.

The same goes for velcro. Remember to close velcro on nearby things like leg ropes, boots, etc and of course on the neck of your suit.

Take your time when taking off your suit, grabbing any part of your wetsuit and tugging it to set yourself free can damage (and in worse case scenarios, rip the neoprene) the seams.

How-To Care For Your Wetsuit

How-To Care For Your Wetsuit

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How-To Care For Your Wetsuit